Episode 2 – The First Guest

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armyofchampions1Yep, the most amateurish piece of audio anywhere is back. Welcome to Episode 2 of D.I.Wireless featuring discussions and rants with Matt from Army of Champions (pictured).

Once again the music comes to the rescue and this episode features great tracks from Local Resident Failure, The Gifthorse, Concrete Street and some personal picks from Matt including Rancid and Fake Problems. As always get out and support these bands any way you can.

Remember, to get the episode on you PC or iPod/Mp3, go to ‘How to Listen’ – but easiest way is to subscribe using the iTunes icon on the right!

Big thanks to Matt, it was good fun recording the episode. Make sure you check out Army of Champions – but feel free to have a laugh at our expense first.


Episode 2 Playlist: Up to No Good: Rancid/Let the Dominoes Fall/Hellcat — Local Resident Failure: Kiss Me I’m Kyerish/Still Sober After All These Beers/Your Daughters — Have You Seen the Shooter: The Gifthorse/From the Floor Up/Poison City — You’re A Serpeant, You’re a Shesnake: Fake Problems/It’s Great to be Alive/Side One Dummy — Good Lookin Out: Sick of it All/Built to Last/EastWest — Going Home: Jud Campbell/Unreleased/Unreleased — Don’t Fade Away: Satanic Surfers/666 Motor Inn/Burning Heart — No Action: Elvis Costello/This Year’s Model/Columbia — War: Concrete Street/Self Titled/Self Released — Too Much Hitchcock: Army of Champions/Demo/Self Released

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes/Epitaph

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