Episode 17 – The Road Again

October 22, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

one80downliveInterviews: On The Road    Tracks: Excitebike, One 80 Down, Easy Company

Here is the series of interviews recorded on tour just a couple of short months ago in venues up and down the east coast.

Interviews include chats with the folks from One 80 Down, Renagades Empire Magazine, and Excitebike. They feature everything from what it’s like getting a magazine off the ground to what it’s like to meet Joe Strummer to interuptions from drunk dudes who think the interviewees look like actors from Entourage. Go figure.

All fine folk though and I encourage you to check out what they have going on. Some fucking rad songs here.

Download the episode straight to your iTunes using the button in the right hand column – or just play/download below.


Episode 17 Playlist: Big City: Operation Ivy/Energy/Lookout! — Life of the Party: Excitebike/Unreleased — Lifer: One 80 Down/Unreleased — Be Your Own: Easy Company/Unreleased.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long.../Epitaph.

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  1. Pudd says:

    Nice once bro. One 80 Down sound awesome!!

  2. diwireless says:

    cheers Pudd. Hope you’re doin well mate. Yeah awesome song hey. Getting to the NZ stuff sometime soon…hopefully!!!

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