Episode 11 – The Revival Tour Part 1

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timbarryInterview: Tim Barry   Tracks: Tim Barry

For Episode 11 I had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Tim Barry, who’s music I have admired for a very long time now.

A career in a punk band van, some recent personal tragedy, and a crazy touring schedule – including the 56 shows he’s recently played – has done nothing to smother his zest for life, new experiences on the road and at shows, as well as his drive to create new music. Amazing music. In this short interview he reveals just some of the things that make him tick.

As mentioned below Tim will be in Australia for the Revival Tour kicking off next week. Don’t miss out or you will regret it. Check back here for Part 2 of the Revival Tour special featuring an interview with Frank Turner.

Massive thanks to Tim and thanks to you for checking it out. Remember, just click on the iTunes button in the right column to get the episode into you iTunes or just play/download it below.


Episode 11 Playlist: Memento Mori/28th and Stonewall — Tacoma/Manchester — Cardinal in Red Bed/ Rivanna Junction — C.R.F(Retired)/Manchester — Will Travel/28th and Stonewall — Prosser’s Gabriel/28th and Stonewall. All songs by Tim Barry / Suburban Home Records.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes/Epitaph.

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