Episode 10 – The Imitators of Art

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localresidentfailurebandInterview: Local Resident Failure – Tracks: Blackjaw, Youth Brigade, Frenzal Rhomb.

Here it is, the episode that almost didn’t happen thanks to an unscheduled trip to the emergency room. As mentioned below, we sat down with Dal and Kye from Local Resident Failure.

Once again, some really genuine fellas and happy to share their thoughts on everything from John Farnham to their local scene in Newcastle as well as the constant comparisons to bands like Frenzal Rhomb and NOFX. Oh, and you’ll of course hear about why we ended up at the hospital…

Thanks to the fellas and thanks heaps for listening. Remember to download the episode straight to your iTunes click on the button on the top right – or just play it below.


Episode 10 Playlist: Tertium Non Datur: Propagandhi/Supporting Caste/Smallman — We’re In: Youth Brigade/To Sell the Truth/BYO — Insult to Injury: Craig’s Brother/Home Coming/Tooth and Nail — A World that We Never Made: Dear Landlord/Dream Homes/No Idea — Constable Care: Frenzal Rhomb/Meet the Family/Shock — Setting Myself on Fire: Blackjaw/Survival of the Shittest/Self Released — Human Rights and Wrongs: Local Resident Failure/Crack is the New Black/Self Released.

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