Episode 1 – The First Episode

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quickening1So here it is, Episode 1, with the most original title ever. My nonsensical, extremely uncool ramblings about the songs and the site saved only by some great fucking music. Featuring bands such as A Death in the Family, The Quickening, Irrelevant and the Bouncing Souls. See ‘How to Listen’ for help getting the file on your PC or Ipod.

Seriously though while I’m embarrassing, the tunes on here are awesome, so support those who provided them by picking up their records, going to their shows or supporting their message. Enjoy.


Episode 1 Playlist: This Letters Proof: A Death in the Family/Small Town Stories/Resist — Apathy: Not OK/5th Threat Not OK Split/Souls n Bones –- Potemkin City Limits: Propagandhi/Supporting Caste/G7/Smallman — Of Books and Bells: The Quickening/White Blossoms/Self Released – The Never Ending: Pulley/Time Insensitive Material/X-Members – Bonships and Friendfires: The Outsiders/Self Titled/Self Released – Where I Stand: Nothington/All In/BYO –- Just Bring It: Run for Cover/Self Titled/Self Released –- Battlecry: Irrelevant/New Guilt/Resist – Kissin Cousins: The Saints/I’m Stranded/EMI – Gasoline: The Bouncing Souls/20th Anniversary/Chunksaah — Awful Something: Army of Champions/Demo/Self Released

Intro -- I’m Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes/Epitaph 

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